Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Short Guide to '' Crypto Faucets / browser mining...

What are Faucets?

Hopefully this guide breaks down what these faucets are.
For people curious in dabbling in crypto.

A faucet is simply a reward site or app that pays out for visits to the site/completing a task/correctly answering a captcha.

Typically the websites run advertisements on them which is the source of income for that site/faucet. You'll need a "wallet" for the money to go to with most sites or some sites prefer to keep the money in-house and may offer gambling "roll the dice" games for you to gamble your payouts.

There is a site that I recommend for beginners as it is very user friendly and has good reviews. is a microwallet (faucet payouts are very small... hence microwallet) and is the hub for all of the faucets that I'll link below. There are bonuses for getting referrals on virtually every faucet site. You typically get paid a % of what your referral friend is paid and sometimes you get a % bonus on your own payout per referral that is active.

Browser mining:
Coinpot allso offers the option to mine several cryptocurrency from your browser. A very easy way to put unused processorpower to good use.

1st start by signing up for a CoinPot MicroWallet:

You will be using your CoinPot address to login to all the faucet sites below.

All these Faucets pay out to the wallet.
Please use these referral codes to sign up for them, getting referrals is eventually also the way you can make extra crypto, so please concider using all these, many thanks !!


Bonus Bitcoin:

Crypto-Faucets usually do not pay very much, but what is 1$ now could be 100$ in the near future! Good luck and Enjoy! Greetings, Peter Lunk.

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