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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is the Legalisation of Cannabis in Uruguay a 'hoax'... ?

 'How 'Legalised' is cannabis in Uruguay if there are still rules that criminalise people ?

Uruguay rules on cannabis:
– minimum age 18.
– 40 Gram max. per month per person.
– Only citizens of Uruguay can buy the 'legal' weed.
– Only 1 strain being sold by pharmacy
- maximum 5% THC on sold weed.
– Every user that gets 'lelgal' cannabis has to be Registered on a government database that will monitor their monthly purchases.
– max. 6 plants PER YEAR homegrow allowed.
– with a maximum of 480 grams yield p.y.

These rules are all sustaining the illegal market....

– Tourists who want to smoke
– People who want some different strain
– People who need more then 40 grams per month
- People who NEED stronger weed then 5% THC as medicine,
- People who want to smoke stronger weed then 5% THC recreationally
– People who do not wish to be a registered cannabis user.

ALL will still have to turn illegal trade...

SO ...
NO it is NOT a 'Hoax'...
This 'system' is FAR from perfect...
But it's A step in hopefully the right direction...


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