Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sativa Alimentari 'Birra alla Canapa' (Hemp Beer)

The Hemp Beer "Sativa" is a collaboration of Sativa Alimentari with a prestigious artisan microbrewery "Il Chiostro", which for more than ten years has been producing high quality artisan beer, thanks to the experience and professionalism of the Brewmaster.

The Mashing common to all of the beers produced by "Il Chiostro" is the Step-Infusion. The milled malt infusion in water, is brought at different temperatures so as to allow the various enzymes to work in conditions most favorable to them, in order to find in the finished beer alcohol and body in the desired proportion at the time of creation of the recipe. The uncommon feature of artisan Beer Company's "Il Chiostro" is given by the plant used to produce the must.

The must, in fact, is brought to boiling in the vat in direct contact with the flame, unlike the steam used in the majority of the installations, and at this point that are added the Shelled Hemp Seeds  after gelatinization of the sugars present in them.

This gives a strong characterization, thus obtaining a beer with a strong Hemp Flavor, from the unique and unmistakable taste!


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