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Friday, August 24, 2012

NORML UK are looking for Dutch Bedrocan medical consumers of cannabis

NORML UK are looking for medical consumers of cannabis that can get Bedrocan prescribed by their Dutch doctor and are willing to travel to the UK with their medication, the patients will be covered by the Shenghen Agreement.

The stunt is aimed to bring attention to the UK media and public that cannabis is medicinal and the fact the UK Government would allow a none British citizen consume cannabis on British soil whilst a British citizen will get punished if he or she did the same thing.

NORML UK will pay for the travelling expenses and accommodation plus you will be well cared for whilst in the UK.

The patient will need to have been prescribed the medication by a doctor and have the relevant paper work all signed.

There is a national newspaper involved in this stunt that have the exclusive for this story so it will make the headlines.

I know that getting cannabis prescribed by doctors in Holland can sometimes be a difficult task; I also know that asking patients to get their medication from a government run facility is not a nice thing to ask, but this stunt can aid the UK campaign beyond belief and bring it to the attention of the national media, so I’m calling on my Dutch friends to help the UK campaign.

Please contact me if you are able to help in this stunt in the UK

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