Saturday, September 3, 2011

I love my Vapobowl !

MrLunk's Vapobowl...

The Vapo-bowl has a standard thread, so it can be attached to all kinds of pipes and bongs, turning them into effective vaporizers. You can easily change the temperature inside the bowl by adjusting the screen position.
The glass Vapo-bowl works the same as the metal one. This glass version fits on almost all glass pipes. Diameter of the glass fitting is 18 mm.
To use this vaporizer, keep a butane gas flame above the entrance of the Vapo-bowl and start inhaling. A stream of very hot air will now flow through the herbs inside the extraction chamber, taking along the vapors that are released. When you remove the flame, the air in the Vapo-bowl will cool down and the vaporization stops.

MrLunk's Tip:
I use a piece of wet Hemp-string to connect it to my BOOST! bong...
A great way to connect glass on glass connections if they dont fit exactly...

I bought this vapobowl about 2 months back and havn't used the normal bowl since !

Love it :)

VapoBowl @ Vaposhop

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