Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hemp Food Can Solve World Food Crisis.



Whatever is for our benefit is already provided.’ said the forward dynamic thinker Ernest Holmes, in his groundbreaking book, Science of Mind.  Nowhere is this more evident in the Information Age than in the field of hemp for food as an effective solution to the UN declared World Food Crisis

This single issue, one that reaches down to the level of self-preservation, hunger, can be easily solved by incorporating abundant hemp foods into the world’s diet.  No need for a radical change of cuisine, but a simple addition of hemp flour, oil, milk, leaves, protein powder and seeds.  

The first step is to educate and open channels to stimulate new and resurrect old ways of enjoying hemp in our diets.  The internet is a perfect starting point.  

A foundation question is ‘How much hemp food can we grow?  The answer is 'as much as we need.  For example, in the United States, the federal government owns a third of the land, and it's not being used for much.    That land can be used to, as Willie Nelson and his FarmAid say: Lend A Hand To The Farmers.  Indoor hemp growing adds an even greater dynamic to how much food can we grow.  

On the longest running pro hemp broadcast, Casper Leitch's Time4Hemp, broadcast live M-F 10a PT/1PET on American Freedom Radio was reported by joint-host Paul Stanford – March 3, 2011, Founder, Owner - The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation Medical Clinics

"The thing about hemp is that the by-product of making bio-diesel and oil is food. For every 300 gallons of oil, it produces 3 tons of food.  It's basically for every 100 gallons (of oil) the bi-product is a ton of food. You can get currently from feral hemp (ditch weed) in the United States 300 gallons of oil and 3 tons of food per acre plus 25 tons of fiber, so it's going to re-energize our economy and put money in the hands of farmers."  

Mission Plan is:

Mission: Teach; Let’s grow and use hemp foods to fill the world’s food shortage.

Motive: Self-Preservation; Expanding the use of fast growing, wind pollinated hemp food moves humanity from the politics of scarcity to the joy of abundance.

Means: Truth; We can grow enough to  hemp food to fill the gap.  Spread the word.

There are a lot of prayers for food these days.  We have been given the means to answer them with delicious food, it’s just illegal to economically do so.  The fastest way to solve the problem of a food shortage is to stop the politics of scarcity.  Using abundant hemp solvesthe crisis, and a whole lot more.

Consider Nature's Hemp Solution

We have been had, took and bamboozled” said Malcolm X.  If we had grown enough food, i.e. hemp food, we would not have a world food crisis.

It is imperative we heed the wisdom of the ages and stop being played in a game called “the politics of scarcity.” The way to break free is the truth of solving problems rather than whining about effects.  We should be growing hemp everywhere.

Hemp foods are a fast growing, abundant, nutritious, delicious & versatile solution to the world’s food crisis (Twitter hashtag - #foodcrisis #food #hemp #marijuana #mmot #mmj #cannabis).

Another leading question is does hemp food get one high?  Hemp with or without the THC, what gets people high, can be used to make cakes & pasta & bread & milk & pesto sauce & smoothies & candy & protein drinks, medicine & beer & tinctures & marinades, maybe even textured vegetable protein from hemp flour (replace soy flour with hemp flour) & seeds & leaves & oil & protein powder too.  The price makes it easy to tell the difference.

Chef Brad Ervin from Hippie Butter reports on Twitter that thousands of years ago China’s peasants had to survive on hemp seeds in a famine and were healthier for the experience.

This mission is hot off the keyboard.  We’ll be posting here so please subscribe, share ideas, and implement solutions discussed.  We are in the Promised Land.  With a little bit of grace we can save ourselves. 

It’s up to us to Do It, now, before it’s too late, if it’s not too late already. 

This founding proposal written by J. Nayer Hardin, Computer Underground Railroad Enterprises C.U.R.E. @cureworks on Twitter with a lot of help from family, friends, companies and associates, designed as a foundation for ideas, solutions & implementationfrom the United Nations, hemp legalization movement, activists, industries, culinary innovators, etc.

Source: HempFoodMission
Thursday, September 22, 2011

VOC Promofilm september 2011 - Legalize Cannabis!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Screamin Jay Hawkins - 'I Put A Spell On You'

Beleive it or not...
This is the Original version of this song....
wich later became much more wellknown when Nina Simone covered it...
followed by an allmost enfdless line of other music celebrities...

P.S. Check out where he has his joint parked ;)

Here's an even earlier video (without joint)...

Wikipedia link...

Marijuana a Chronic History (Full Version)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Burgemeester Parijs wil wiet legaliseren en waarschuwt NL voor gevolgen repressief beleid.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Weed the New Prozac?

by Jonah Lehrer
Fifteen million Americans, or five percent of the population, are currently taking a drug that treats most of their anxiety symptoms. This drug isn’t addictive, can be delivered to your door in certain metropolitan areas, and is cheaper than most of its competitors. Its main side effect? The munchies.
I’m talking about marijuana, a.k.a. Cannabis sativa, and both scientists and pharmaceutical companies are looking to it as a possible cure for what may be our generation’s most pressing psychological affliction.
AnxietyPerhaps it’s the War on Terror, or our stagnating incomes, or just the fact that Prozac is running out of fresh supplicants and Eli Lilly needs a new disease. Whatever the cause, the data is clear: Americans are growing more nervous, and we want something to take the edge off. Every generation needs a new pandemic, and anxiety is our new depression.
Despite the fact marijuana was first cultivated almost 10,000 years ago, modern medicine has yet to find a pharmaceutical equal. No other substance melts away our fears with such slick efficiency. But that may soon change. A cadre of neuroscientists is now using the natural potency of pot—its active ingredient is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—as the possible basis for a next generation anti-anxiety pill.
Before you can understand why pot might be the next Prozac, you have to know a little bit about how marijuana works inside the brain. Our cortex contains a class of proteins called endocannabinoids. These compounds might sound illegal, but they are actually an essential ingredient of normal human brain function. For some mysterious reason, the active ingredient of a tropical shrub—THC—is able to perfectly mimic our natural endocannabinoids, and activate our neural receptors. Pot doesn’t infuse our brain with a foreign substance so much as it activates system that is already there. As Roger Nicoll, a neuroscientist at UCSF, puts it: “the brain makes its own marijuana.” Smoking a joint just helps you make more of it.
It wasn’t until 1984 that scientists even knew the endocannabinoid system existed. By the early 1990’s, researchers began to realize that this neural system was extremely important. For one thing, endocannabinoid receptors (CB1) proved to be one of the most abundant G-protein coupled receptors in the brain. Secondly, CB1 receptors were clustered where it counts, and seemed to populate many of our most important brain areas, like the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and amygdala.
But scientists still couldn’t figure out what all these natural endocannabinoids did when we weren’t smoking pot. After all, our brains didn’t evolve so that we could get high; our CB1 receptors must also control some aspects of normal brain function. A tantalizing solutionarrived in 2003, from Giovanni Marsicano of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich. After painstakingly dismantling their endocannabinoid system, he showed that mice lacking normal CB1 receptors could feel fear but couldn’t forget it. In other words, their anxiety is chronic. They are always nervous and twitchy.
Neuroscientists now believe that a faulty endocannabinoid system might play a large part in all sorts of anxiety syndromes from post-traumatic stress disorder to irrational phobias. Furthermore, they are using this knowledge to invent new drugs. The Holy Grail is a THC compound that is targeted to the parts of our brain—like the amygdala—that modulate our sense of fear. Such a pill would give us the anti-anxiety effects of pot, but without the giddiness, stupidity and hunger. While scientists still don’t know if such a site-specific pill is possible—can we just get our amygdala high?—experiments done in the next few years should help resolve the issue.
Needless to say, such a pill would raise all sorts of legal issues at the FDA. Although the FDA has already approved other types of synthetic THC—these drugs are used to treat the nausea brought on by chemotherapy and AIDS—it might be less prone to approve a pot inspired pill that is psychoactive, and deliberately imitates the effects of a fat spliff.

Jonah Lehrer is an editor-at-large for Seed Magazine. He blogs His first book, Proust Was A Neuroscientist, will be published by Houghton-Mifflin next year.

(Sketch from flickr.)

Source: New York Inquirer
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alcohol vs Marijuana

Click for larger version...

Thanks to for this graphic.
Friday, September 9, 2011

Regular Magazine #4-2011

Daar is ie weer,
de verse Regular met...

''a Mediacal LED grow van 6''
Jorge Cervantes, Amnesia Fem,
gifitge E-nummers en nog veel meer....

Thursday, September 8, 2011


‎2x Harlem Diesel...

The 1st lady on the left...
is a HD clone...
The lady in the right corner...
Her seed sprouted on same day 1st lady was cloned... ;)

Both are the same age...
Made on the same day...

Now you8 know why I LOVE SEEDS !
‎2x Harlem Diesel...

The 1st lady on the left...
is a HD clone...

...Lees verder
door: Peter Lunk
Saturday, September 3, 2011

I love my Vapobowl !

MrLunk's Vapobowl...

The Vapo-bowl has a standard thread, so it can be attached to all kinds of pipes and bongs, turning them into effective vaporizers. You can easily change the temperature inside the bowl by adjusting the screen position.
The glass Vapo-bowl works the same as the metal one. This glass version fits on almost all glass pipes. Diameter of the glass fitting is 18 mm.
To use this vaporizer, keep a butane gas flame above the entrance of the Vapo-bowl and start inhaling. A stream of very hot air will now flow through the herbs inside the extraction chamber, taking along the vapors that are released. When you remove the flame, the air in the Vapo-bowl will cool down and the vaporization stops.

MrLunk's Tip:
I use a piece of wet Hemp-string to connect it to my BOOST! bong...
A great way to connect glass on glass connections if they dont fit exactly...

I bought this vapobowl about 2 months back and havn't used the normal bowl since !

Love it :)

VapoBowl @ Vaposhop

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