Thursday, February 24, 2011

AmageTRON Advanced, Oldschool stoner gaming fun !

Anyone with fond memories of the old arcade days will remember TRON, though few seem to remember the film. The movie-inspired arcade game Light-Cyles spawned a host of clones and actually earned more than the movie during its initial release.

ArmageTron Advanced is one of those clones. Fortunately there are a few things about this game that set it apart from the others:

It's free and available for every OS.
It's in 3-D rather than the classic top-down arcade style.
It also has a free, easy-to-use online multiplayer option.
That last bullet point is the one I'd like to drive home and is the reason this program is so darn fun.
The object of the game is to not hit a wall, though there's far more to it than that. The player pilots a Light-Cycle and can neither speed up nor slow down, only turn left or right using the Z and X keys. As the Light-Cycle moves it leaves behind a solid trail called a wall. Any other players (including yourself) that run into the wall die.

Walls never disappear, so you'll have to be careful not to work yourself into a corner and use your walls to work other players into corners. The last cycle left standing wins. It's also important to note that the closer the player drives to a wall, the faster his Light-Cycle will go. The result is an exiting, fast-paced game full of strategic planning. ArmageTron Advanced also comes with an offline mode for those of us with a slow connection. The AI and gameplay are still completely customizable, so you aren't losing too much.

Speaking of customization, that brings me to another of this program's high points: you can change pretty much whatever you want about the game. When you combine that fact with a wealth of different game modes and possibilities, you have yourself a very addicting and entertaining arcade game.

ArmageTron Advanced is a free multiplayer game with simple, casual-oriented gameplay. What've you got to lose?

Contains NO spy or mallware nor viruses. No signups no traps nothing

Because its developed in an Open-Source community ;)

See you somewhere inthere...
I usually play on the server:
"Happy Tron Friends"
Nickname: MrLunk.Tk 

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