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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why the Government Says Marijuana Kills Brain Cells…

Over 100 million Americans have tried it at least once, and now 15 states have legalized medical marijuana.
1. Mounting evidence has shown it is far less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, legal medicines, and even caffeine, yes that’s right you can OD on coffee.
2. No person has ever overdosed on marijuana ever, not once in the history of the world. It is simply not toxic enough. 450,000+ die each year from tobacco cigarettes, while a good 50,000+ die from alcohol overdose.
3. Those high on marijuana are less likely to commit violent acts, not more likely. In fact, I watched a video on youtube about a British test where a man was given a marijuana joint to smoke and then was given a driving test. He performed better high. Marijuana actually makes you far more cautious
4. IT DOES NOT LEAD TO LUNG CANCER. A natural grown plant simply is not toxic enough to cause lung cancer
5. It does not kill brain cells. In fact, studies are showing that it may in fact STIMULATE brain cells. Read about it here
6. It is about as addictive as a peanut, and there are no withdrawl symptoms. I havent smoke in, lets see, one month tomorrow, and I have felt nothing wrong with me.
7. The gateway theory is false. If you watch Penn & Tellers bull****, numerous studies have shown that alcohol and cigarettes are far more likely to lead to hard drugs. The reason you don’t hear about this is because they are multi-billion dollar industries.


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