Friday, August 13, 2010

420 Themed '1L$ Coin-Chucker' version. Crowd entertainment tool for second life

This is a Crowd Entertainment Gadget I made for the Virtual gaming universe of SecondLife...

This is 1 of 8 looks / themses available for club, malls and other places who want to entertain real visitors...

Only visible for adult verified accounts.

The NEXT GENERATION in Skill-Camping games...
BOT's don't stand a chance - No more Zombies on your Sim !
Only Real Life Avatars can Participate !

This machine throws 1L$ Coins around your place...
When GroupMemebers Click a 1L$ Coin they get 1L$ payed...
When NON-GroupMemebers Click a 1L$ Coin they get a notification,
that they need to be in the group to be able to collect 1L$ Coins...
(group can be switched on and off)

The Coin-Chucker H.Q. Announcer:
This is extra exposure for ALL Coin-Chucker locations !
and is what will drive more traffic to your place!
All Coin-Chuckers automatically report their settings to The Coin-Chucker H.Q. (link:
The machine starts reporting its settings 15 minutes after any last changes were made thru the options menu.
Avatars who want to find good runnig coin-chucker locations, can go to the Coin-Chucker HQ and wait till they hear/see an Announcement in mainchat looking like this:

[10:26] Announcer:There is a Coin-Chucker shooting 10 Coins Per Hour & Group=Off at secondlife://Putnam/206/86/47/ (Click this link for a landmark !)
[10:42] Announcer: There is a Coin-Chucker shooting 20 Coins Per Hour & Group=On at secondlife://Badly Moor/96/32/66/ (Click this link for a landmark !)
and choose where to go :)

Floating text above Coin-Chucker displays:
- number of coins-per hour
- number of coins Chucked
- number of coins found
- Group On / Off

Easy Setup:
1. RightClick the BoXed - 1L$ Coin-Chucker v3.0 and choose OPEN...
2. Choose Copy contents to Inventory...
3. Find the '1L$ Coin-Chucker' in your inventory and drag it to the ground... (rezz it)
4. Raise the Coin-Chucker at least 6 to 8 meters off the ground (3 large person heights)
5. SET The machine to The group that will be payed when clicking the Coins !!!!
6. Click the Coin-Chucker and Choose Start !
7. u can change the rest of the settings thru the menu (click Coin-Chucker for menu)
Setup Done !

Click the Machine to get options menu.
Start - Starts The Machine.
Stop - Stops The Machine.
GroupOn - Sets machine to pay ONLY to groupmembers of the same group the machine is set to.
GroupOff - Machine Pays to ANNYONE who clicks a coin.
Reset - Resets The Machine and reloads settings.
Help - Gives this Manual Notecard to the Owner
CPH+10 / CPH-10 - Adjust Coins Per Hour by +10 or -10
CPH+100 / CPH-100 - Adjust Coins Per Hour by +100 or -100

Coins Per Hour can ONLY be adjusted while the game is running...
Changing the CPH or the Chuck-Force does not effect the Floating text statistics.
When the Reset Button is used the Statistics are reset to 0.
When you take back the Coin-Chucker to inventory and Re-Rezz it all stats are reset too.

Min. CPH = 10 Coins Per Hour
Max. CPH = 600 Coins Per Hour ( Not Advisable ).
Min. Chuck-Force = 2 - Coins fall almost straight down from the machine..
Max. Chuck-Force = 16 - A very Strong! shot tht can easily cover a full Sim

Note: Coins are TempOnRezz so they do not count for your land-prim-count and will all dissapear automatically.

Some simple owner rules:
The Coin-Chucker MUST be placed in a publically accessible area. Adult land is allowed too as long as its accessible to all adults.
If you choose to run the coin-chucker for Group Only,
It MUST be set to a OPEN TO JOIN for EVERYONE for FREE ! Group !

100% secure & BOT FREE!
- All Coin to Machine and Machine to Coins comunications are base64
password encrypted to prevent Hackers to drain your cash !
- Coins work with random number names wich makes them
undetectable to scanners and such...
- BOT's cant take your Money ;)


Groupname: 1L$ Coin-Chucker
Join this group for updates on New Coin-Chucker Locations
Owners of active Coin-Chuckers announce their place and coins per hour here !

Any Questions please send a NOTECARD to: MrLunk Voom
Instant Messages tend to get lost when I am not online please do send a NoteCard ;)

Instead of Selling this 100% LunkTech Hi Quality Product for 1500L$...
We have chosen to run this on a commission base...
Every time ten people have been Payed (not number of coins shot),one Linden goes to the Creator of This Machine...

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