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'Medical Marijuana' For Sale On Twitter

Drugs are being openly sold on social networking sites due to a legal loophole in the United States.


'Medicinal' drugs are being promoted on social networking sites

"Medical marijuana" services are available on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

One of the most prominent, Artists Collective, offers free delivery in Los Angeles.

"Now in... A plethora of medicated cookies and brownies," the group's Twitter feed told more than 500 subscribers.

They have 4,526 MySpace 'friends' and a Facebook fan site.

Californian state law allows marijuana to be produced and sold for medicinal reasons.

President George W Bush had argued federal laws trumped local rulings, so California's legislation did not apply.

But President Barack Obama suggested police should not try to prosecute people where local and national laws contradict each other.

Dann Halem, who runs Artists Collective, said all potential customers must have the paperwork to prove they are from California and paperwork from their doctor.

Most of the proceeds fund grants for musicians, writers and performers, he said.

"There is a $125bn crop in this country right now, and it's illegal. A lot of that money is going to drug cartels," he said.

"If you take $125bn and put it into the pockets of non-profit charities in the country, you can do enormous good.

"That's what we want to do with ours, and that's why we're being as aggressive digitally as we are," he added.

Campaigners argue cannabis can offer pain relief for patients and alleviate the symptoms of a range of illnesses.


'Harry Potter' Star Could Face 14 Years for Growing Marijuana Farm

“Harry Potter” star Jamie Waylett has been charged with growing ten cannabis plants.

The 19-year-old actor will have to appear in court later this month for the charges stemming from an April arrest.

Waylett, who plays Potter bully Vincent Crabbe, was busted when cops pulled over his vehicle in London and allegedly found eight bags of marijuana. He was taken to a nearby police station before a team of officers raided his mother’s home in Camden, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A Metropolitan police spokeswoman said the actor would appear in court late this month and “is charged with producing a Class B drug, nearly ten plants of cannabis.”

The plants – valued at more than $3,000 – were allegedly found among DJ equipment and a Playstation, the Telegraph said.

Waylett may face up to 14 years for cannabis production, while the maximum charge for cannabis possession is five years.


Pain Clinics Test Patients For Marijuana

'Like many medical marijuana users, Kristin Redeen needed additional prescription medications for her severe chronic pain. For seven years she had been treated at a private pain clinic in the Central Valley, where a doctor maintained her on Percocet, a semi-synthetic opioid. One day Kristin was unexpectedly asked to submit a urine sample.'

'“They already knew about my medical marijuana use,” says Kristin, who contacted California NORML. “I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.”'

'When the test came back, Kristin was informed that the clinic would no longer renew her prescription because she had tested positive for an illegal controlled substance. Her doctor at the clinic cited legal concerns, claiming –falsely– that DEA regulations forbid giving prescription narcotics to users of marijuana or other illegal drugs.'

'Kristin was cut off from her Percocet and began suffering seizures. She finally found a physician who was willing to prescribe her another opioid, Vicodin, but only at low doses insufficient to relieve her constant pain.'

'Kristin is one of a growing number of medical marijuana patients discriminated against by pain clinics. “I must have heard of 25 cases this year,” says Doug Hiatt, an attorney in Washington state. “It’s Jim Crow medicine.”'

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From The NORML Blog:

The Effect of Marijuana on Morphine Dependence

'Injections of THC, the active principle of cannabis, eliminate dependence on opiates (morphine, heroin) in rats deprived of their mothers at birth.'

'This has been shown by a study carried out by Valérie Daugé and her team at the Laboratory for Physiopathology of Diseases of the Central Nervous System (UPMC / CNRS / INSERM) in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. The findings could lead to therapeutic alternatives to existing substitution treatments.'

'In order to study psychiatric disorders, neurobiologists use animal models, especially maternal deprivation models. Depriving rats of their mothers for several hours a day after their birth leads to a lack of care and to early stress. The lack of care, which takes place during a period of intense neuronal development, is liable to cause lasting brain dysfunction. Valérie Daugé's team at the Laboratory for Physiopathology of Diseases of the Central Nervous System (UPMC / CNRS / Inserm) analyzed the effects of maternal deprivation combined with injections of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the main active principle in cannabis, on behavior with regard to opiates.'

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