Friday, April 3, 2009

Haarlem 420 Coffeeshop tour 2009


Even from far away, the Gothic St. Bavo church dominates the city's skyline.
You should come and visit Haarlem and take a stroll through historic streets.
Admire the picturesque facades, the monuments and the museums .
Haarlem is 20 minutes from Amsterdam by train and certainly worth a daytrip visit :)

You will find that in Haarlem's historic city centre all of the places of interest are within walking distance. And what could be more pleasant than strolling along while enjoying everything Haarlem has to offer? Or taking a break in one of the many cosy cafes. And if you are after good food, the choice is virtually unlimited. Just look around and everywhere you will see good restaurants and intimate eateries. Haarlem even has a culinary walking route for the real gourmets! In every respect, Haarlem is indeed a delightful city. And what to do at night?
Haarlem offers a wide variety of nighttime entertainment from 2 big Popstages to smaller and intimate bars and clubs.

For all those who like to smoke Marijuana and want a taste of the REAL dutch Coffeeshop atmosphere outside the Big city of amsterdam:

Haarlem is your goal!

With 15 Quality Coffeeshops in very different styles...
With top quality Dutch grown Marijuana and Hashies !

You can preview a lot of what Haarlem has to offer and a nice 6km walking route
that takes you by al of Haarlems 15 Coffeeshops in the:

click here to download the .kmz for Google Earth


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