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Thursday, April 23, 2009

For all EU citizens it is LEGAL to Grow Cannabis!

To Grow or not to Grow:
Your First Legal Cannabis

You now can grow legally with no interference from the police. Are you ready for a revolution? Right now you can buy and grow your own legally certified cannabis seeds anywhere in the EU! Reduce your own carbon footprint, laugh at the irrational and unreasonable prohibition of cannabis and help the transition to a healthy, sustainable and liberated future! 

Reduce your carbon footprint! 
Now you can grow your own legal crop of cannabis, simply to enjoy the sight of these beautiful plants brightening your garden. Alternatively, you can harvest the seeds for food and break the stalks to retrieve the long fibres and wood. Growing cannabis can wipe out your carbon footprint as airlines and hotels try to do with planting trees. 

You can now enjoy your own legal crop of Cannabis with EU-certified Uso-31 hempseed from HempFlax. With the included certificate, this strain can be grown anywhere in the EU without any problems from the authorities. The police will be unable to misidentify these plants; with Uso-31 seeds you are growing a natural and legal cannabis crop. 

Includes a 100 m2 hemp adoption plan!
Furthermore, by buying these certified seeds you can make a real difference for the environment and for the future of cannabis as a sustainable resource. Each certificate sponsors the production of a 100m2 field of fibre cannabis by Dutch farmers, so growers who are unable to cultivate the full 100g of seeds on their own property are still reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the production of fibre cannabis. 

So help reduce global warming with a legal, eco-friendly garden of cannabis, support nature and the industrial cannabis farmers in Europe by ordering this special package of seeds and joining this action. 

For €50 you get a package of 100 grams of special Uso-31 seeds (approximately 5000 seeds) with an official certificate allowing you to grow your own crop.

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