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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DEBUNK: Higher THC Levels in weed more dangerous.

Let's project this reasoning on Alcohol shall we...

A beer contains approx. 4% to 8% of alcohol.
One can drink quite a few before getting hammered...

A glass of wine contains approx 9% to 14% of alcohol...
One needs to drink less Wine then beer to get the same effect...

A glass of Cognac or Whiskey contains approx. 30% to 45% of alcohol...
One needs to drink even less of this to get where a load of beers or a few glasses of wine would get them.

Shall we skip Stroth-rum of 95% Alcohol ? ...

The responsible/recreative alcohol user/drinker knows of each strength of Alcohol just how much to use to still be able to function and communicate in a civil matter. (e.g. only slight tipsy-ness but never drunk)

This also applies to responsible marijuana/cannabis users (cannabists), not making a difference between recreational or medical patients.

A responsible cannabist knows wich kind of marijuana is more potent then the other, and like drinkers will sip of a drink they get offered for the 1st time, cannabists test a new batch of herb for potency and taste.

In essence what I am trying to clear up is:

If the dose gets stronger we need to use less to get the same efect, be it psychoactively or in pain/symptom reducing powers.
this holds ground for Alcohol aswell as Marijuana/Cannabis.

Every day people die and get terminally ill from the effects of even Normal alcohol use.
I'm not even talking about the huge group of real drinkers/Alcohol abusers 
NOBODY ! EVER DIED FROM Marijuana/Cannabis !

Peter Lunk


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