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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Botanics Question: What Tree is this ? (solved read below image)

What Tree is this ? by you.
Click image for larger image...

After some discussion on the Dutch Forums and the final tip from @eltiem we have found this tree to be:

Toona of Cedrela sinensis
A fast growing Chinese Mahogany tree !

WOW, I Ate furniture ! lol

About Chinese Toon:
Chinese toon is a perennial hardwood, which is a member of Meliaceae family. The young leaves and shoots can be used as a vegetable called Hsiang Chun Ya (Xiang Chun Ya ) in China and thus Chinese toon is known as a "tree vegetable" . The fresh young leaves and shoots contain 84% water, 9.8% protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B2, and are rich in aromatic substances. They are uniquely aromatic and therefore excellent for stir fry ( especially with egg ), salad, fry, pickling, seasoning, etc. This plant is a native of China, and China is the only country where Chinese toon young leaves and shoots are used as vegetable. Chinese toon  is also used in Chinese traditional medicine. So Chinese toon is widely planted in China.

Basically, there are two kinds of Chinese toon. One is called Purple Chinese toon, of which the young leaves and buds are a purple or dark red color, the skin is gray brown, the branches stretch out. The young shoots are strongly aromatic, rich in lipid, less fibrous. Green Chinese toon is  another one. The plant stands up. The skin is green gray. The young shoots are  less aromatic and  contain less lipid.

Chinese toon is suitable for sandy but fertile soil. Tolerant to humidity to some extent. The favorable pH is pH 5.5-pH 8.0.  It is good for areas with annual average temperature between 8 C° and 10 C°. Its tolerance to cold increases with its age.

During last decade, protective cultivation of Chinese toon (e. g. plastic tunnel, greenhouse) was developed and widely used so that the fresh Chinese toon vegetable can be supplied in the winter, especially during Chinese New Year holidays. An increasing portion of Chinese toon products (pickled, canned, dehydrated, but not fresh ) are exported overseas.

Chinese toon seeds can also be used for sprouting. Chinese toon sprouts are a nutritional, healthy gourmet vegetable and are more and more popular in China.

Seed pre-treating and germination:
As the seeds are somewhat difficult to germinate, it is recommended the seeds be soaked in warm water (around 25C° ) 24 hours. Change the water 4 times during the soaking. Optimum germination temperature is 25C°.  Direct seeding is possible, however germination may not good. Seed depth: 0.5 cm. Keep the soil moist by spraying with water when necessary.

Seed storage:
Chinese toon seeds must be kept dry and at low temperature. We recommend to use the seeds as soon as possible when you get them since the seeds lose viability rapidly.

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