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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Terrible Truth (1951) #Marijuana propaganda

A Juvenile Court judge is at a loss to understand why so many of America's youths are marijuana addicts, so he decides to investigate on his own. He visits Phyllis, a high school senior and former marijuana junkie, who tells him about the horrible effects marijuana has had on her. It made her feel like she was speeding "100 miles an hour!" and she therefore became a heroin user. She managed to overcome her addiction to marijuana and heroin, but in the process ruined her hair. This leads the judge to the logical conclusion that the drug problem in the U.S. was introduced by the godless Soviet Communists in an effort to "undermine morale" and that the way to stop the drug epidemic was to "use common sense" (an earlier version, apparently, of the Reagan-era "Just Say No!" campaign, and which had pretty much the same effect--i.e., none).

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