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Monday, March 9, 2009

#Hemp #Marijuana #Cannabis and the Future...

Each of us must do all we can
to encourage the cultivation
of cannabis hemp.

You can help by buying and/or selling Hemp products.
Read on below...

In the last century the cannabis plant was stolen from us in a myriad of deception and lies. Even today, current laws in many countries prevent people from harvesting this vital, renewable resource. We nearly stopped using the plant altogether, but in the last decade cannabis has made a comeback. Even with excessive import costs, cannabis hemp stores (selling mostly clothing and accessories) are springing up around the country. With the growing need for cannabis in society, this market will expand and widen in the 21st century.

Cannabis hemp is absolutely the most necessary plant in our lives. With a seemingly endless variety of uses, it will affect everyone on the planet in the next century and many in just the next few years. The nature of the plant allows it to provide for nearly all of the things we use in our lives. In the 21st Century, cannabis is destined to become the most necessary crop on the earth.

Growing cannabis hemp and using it for production and manufacture would create a whole new standard of industry. By stimulating the environment rather than destroying it, we would reach a new balance with nature. Combined with global awareness and the communication possibilities of the Internet, we can effectively build an entirely new base for our economy. Every man, woman, and child on the planet will live on a better earth because of cannabis hemp.

It is time to take charge. Each of us must do all we can to encourage the cultivation of cannabis hemp. Education is the most important weapon for freedom and peace, and cannabis is the best tool to support our society in the coming century. Let us teach each other. Encourage communication and acceptance, and spread the word. Cannabis hemp is our future. We must embrace it.

You can actively help by either buying or promoting Hemp products, the more Hemp products get sold the higher the need for Hemp in the market will be.

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