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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'The emperor wears no clothes' By: Jack herer

No, this is not the children's fairy tale.

THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES is an advocacy book for a plant. But this is no ordinary plant, and Jack Herer has gathered a great deal of authoritative information. The plant is hemp. And the source of its strange history is hemp's female flowering plant, commonly known by the term "marijuana."
THE EMPEROR challenges every ingrained axiom about "marijuana," including the name (which Herer claims has overtones of ethnic prejudice - he uses the words "cannabis" or "hemp" through most of the book). Herer doesn't just advocate the use of the female hemp plant for medicine (and for pleasure). He makes a compelling case for hemp as an important crop for humanity's prosperity. Hemp can save trees by providing a source of paper material. Hemp can provide strong material for clothes in a more environmentally benign way than cotton. And he painstakingly documents his points, including over 100 pages of documentation after the main text of the book.

Anyone wishing to participate in an informed debate about the possible end to "marijuana" prohibition should buy and read THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES.

The $ 100.000 Jack Herer Challenge !

Click image for a larger version

The bookcover above is from the old print wich still says 10.000$ Challenge,
the newer versions say 100.000 $ !!! Jack is till confident :)

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