Tuesday, March 10, 2009

12 Presidents Who 'Allegedly' Smoked #Marijuana

George Washington

George Washington (read: his slaves) grew hemp on his farm. Some people believe he used marijuana to help his chronic tooth aches. He also supposedly preferred his hemp pipe over alcohol and loved how it smelled.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson (read: his slaves) also grew hemp. He drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper. And he supposedly hated smoking tobacco. "Some of my finest hours have been spent on the back of my veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as the eye can see." is something Jefferson supposedly said in 1781, according to the Internet. One source even said that Washington and Jefferson exchanged smoking blends as personal gifts.

James Madison

Another early President (read: slaves) to grow hemp. We realize that hemp was grown for other purposes, besides smoking It's just seems like you would smoke it if you had a bunch of it growing in your back yard. He also allegedly credited hemp to giving him the insight to create a new and democratic nation. Sound like bullshit? Yeah.

James Monroe

Monroe began smoking weed as an Ambassador to France and continued smoking it until he was 73. Or so the story goes.

Andrew Jackson

Jackson was a military man who supposedly smoked with his troops.

Zachary Taylor

Another President listed by someone named Dr. Burke who is oft-sourced as the president of the American Historical Reference Society and a consultant for the Smithsonian. We Googled "American Historical Reference Society" and didn't find any such society.

Franklin Pierce

He is the last guy named by this Dr. Burke who (along with Taylor and Jackson) smoked with their military troops. Pierce also allegedly wrote to his family that marijuana was "about the only good thing" about the war.

Abraham Lincoln

"Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp, and playing my Hohner harmonica." - Abraham Lincoln (from a letter written by Lincoln during his presidency to the head of the Hohner Harmonica Company in Germany). That quote was listed on HuffPo, but commenters noticed they couldn't find it anywhere reputable.

John F. Kennedy

Kennedy allegedly used medicinal marijuana for his back pain and planned on legalizing it in his second term.

Bill Clinton

"When I was in England, I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn' t like it. I didn't inhale and never tried it again." - Bill Clinton

George W. Bush

Bush has hinted at/admitted to smoking marijuana and using cocaine. "I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions. You know why? Because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried." That's what was recorded saying in the late Nineties. On cocaine, he said, ""Rather than saying no ... I think it's time for someone to draw the line and look people in the eye and say, you know, 'I'm not going to participate in ugly rumors about me and blame my opponents,' and hold the line. Stand up for a system that will not allow this kind of crap to go on." He also supposedly got arrested for cocaine possession and had the record expunged.

Barack Obama

President Cool Guy has admitted to smoking weed. "When I was a kid, I inhaled. That was the point." In his first book, Dreams From My Father, Obama also said he'd used "a little blow" as well. And he didn't try heroin because he didn't like the pusher who was trying to sell it to him.

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